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    Your Kids Online Safety

    Monitor and track your kids activity,
    Track GPS, Calls, SMS, Web Browsing
    Let them enjoy the Web in a Safe and Simple Way.
    While you rest assured

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  • Your own Dashboard with your Kids Timeline

    With your Dashboard, you can check what's going on, with your kids devices anytime, anywhere !
    Available for Web Mobile and Tablet

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    Easy to Install and Setup

    In 3 easy steps you can setup,
    Parental Control for your Kids PC
    Tablet and Mobile Device
    As simple as 1, 2, 3 ...

  • Track Mobile Devices

    Check SMS/MMS, GPS Location
    Calls Logs and Browsing History

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Parents have enough to worry about without the dangers children face every day on the internet. Pornography and predators can be anywhere online, and most parents do not have the time to sit beside their children, closely watching every keystroke and click they make. Safe Parental control software can keep a close watch instead, recording activities and blocking materials that are unsafe for young audiences while still allowing them to take advantage of the wonderful resources online.

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    Record and Data Log

    Capture Screen and Web Activity

    Safe Parental Control compiles detailed records of your children's computer use, including screenshots, online searches and accessed websites. Safe Parental Control will capture screenshots and send you emails about activity on your child's computer or mobile device so that you can stay informed, even from far away.
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    On the Cloud

    Minimal Install

    You just need to install a small app in your kids computer, and download an app from or google play, put in your credentials, and you're ready to go.
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    Filtering & Blocking


    Safe Parental Control not only blocks website content, but also to filters it. Blocking and filtering elements may include application blocking, chat blocking, search engine filtering and social network blocking. (comming soon)

Exclusively by Safe Parental Control

Internet technology has created a situation where children can be exposed to dangers while they are otherwise safe at home with you. The internet provides access to almost every piece of knowledge known to man, so you can't exactly ban your children from the internet without limiting their potential to learn and grow. With the best parental monitoring software, you will be able to provide your children with appropriate access to beneficial internet resources while filtering out the elements that have the potential to harm the ones you love.

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    Safe Parental Control has the ability to track Android devices data as call logs, sms messages as well as GPS Locations.

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Martin Seymour Father of 2 boys

"... One of the things that caught my attention in Safe Parental Control, was its simplicity, easy to use and simple track of my kids online activity ..."

Online DashBoard to track your Kids Activity!

Safe Parental Control, provides an online dashboard so that you can track and monitor your kids, you can access it with any web browser or through your mobile by downloading our app.